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Hello guys! You’re an anime lovers? Want to have variant anime stickers, bookmarks, and buttons? So, you’re in the right place! RandomGoods is a heaven on earth for anime lovers based in San Diego.

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Check out the newest review for Random Goods from MustachePaperDoll! And for the first time, see one of the bookmarks in action (and be super adorable as well). Many thanks, Kimberly!

Welcome to 2014!


Here’s the first post in the New Year (albeit we’re now halfway through January)! Following the Lunar Calendar, 2014 marks the Year of the Horse so I did a little doodle to celebrate!


A huge THANK YOU who contributed to an awesome 2013! Many awesome things happened with Random Sunshine and Random Goods over the last year. Conventions and events were very successful and it was fun meeting with new people and making new friends. In addition, sales on Random Goods increased from this last year which including a small surge in December. Items are now restocked and updated so the number you see for any one item is up to date.


I have a list of works I want to get started on for 2014 including a few that were originally thought up in 2013. There are also a few things I’m currently researching for the store and, if all goes well, will be put into motion as we go through this year. And as always, I’m open to any suggestions that you all may have. Anything you would like to see made for 2014? Let me know!


That should do it~ let’s go, 2014!

Art for Holiday Cards!


On a crazy whim (and just wanting to draw something festive), I decided to create holiday cards for this year. I’ve never done them before and this is the fist year to try them out. I went with a doodle of myself and Gizmo partaking in one of my favorite winter activities: ice skating. I modeled my leap after early 20th Century figure skater turned Hollywood actress Sonja Henie. The final versions came out as postcards and were sent off to CatPrint last week and came in on Monday ready to be dispatched!



The cards will be included with all orders from Random Goods for the month of December. A number of them will also be reserved for friends as well. I only have a few printed so get them while they’re still here!



Speaking of Random Goods, the Holiday Sale is still going on through the end of December! Just use the code OMGHOLIDAY and get 15% off your entire! Great for stocking stuffers and party favors. Some items are selling fast so stop by soon!

It’s a Holiday Sale Time!


Going along with the holiday spirit, Random Goods will be having its first ever Holiday Sale! From now until December 31st, use the Discount Code OMGHOLIDAY to save 15% off your entire order! Perfect if you are looking for stocking stuffers or something small to give for the anime and video game fanatic on your list!


As an added bonus, domestic orders will now have a USPS Tracking Number and buyers will be able to see where their packages are before their arrival! I’m currently experimenting with this option and, if goes well, will add in on for domestic orders (for an added fee). Unfortunately, this option is not available for international orders.


Thank you all for your support throughout the year and Happy Holidays!


Commission Works: Strawberry Scented Burnout Duo


Last week, I completed a commission for my good friends over at Strawberry Scented Burnout to promote the return of their blog which deals with all things geeky and awesome as their tagline states: "We’re all about that geek life."



The drawing features the fearless leaders of SSB: Francis (left) and Justin (right). Francis pitched the idea to me of the drawing having a “yin and yang” feel to it showing the opposites between the two: the happy-go-lucky Francis and the no-nonsense Justin. Both of the guys provided notes for me to work with and what their respective avatars should wear. Francis is wearing a black hoodie from Triumph United and MMA shorts from Hayabusa. Justin is wearing a Los Angeles Dodgers jersey, camo pants, and red Nike Roshes.


It had been awhile since I’ve worked on commissions and I’m glad that this was the project to jump start commission works again. I do hope to be able to make more works for SSB sometime in the future.


If you are interested in a commission, send over an email to kupomatic[at]gmail[dot]com and we’ll see what we can get done. :D