Random Doodles - Boo’s Expressions


Found an old sketch from last year with Boo (from the Super Mario series) and what expressions he would have. Finally gave them life in digital form. Still thinking of how I can present these. Die-cut stickers? Buttons? Why, the possibilities are quite endless!


What other expressions would you like to see from Boo? Let me know in the comments!

My Neighbor Markipiler and The Return!


I’m back, baby~


And with a preview piece of a rather fancy piece featuring YouTuber/Pro Screamer/Squirrel King Markipiler and his friend Totoro! (From his video of the “My Neighbor Totoro” game demo on the Oculus Rift which you can watch HERE.)


I’m slowly getting back to the swing of things after a few setbacks (which are always not fun) and working on a few projects now. Hoping to get into full swing in no time. Woot!

New Item - Guts Sticker


New Item Alert! (AHHH~)


Another new item from Anime Expo 2014 is now up for sale at Random Goods! The lovable Guts from Kill La Kill is now in sticker format and ready to radiate his awesomeness. Check it out HERE~


New Item: Bravest Warriors - Action!


"Bravest Warriors? You guys kinda looks like dorks."


One on the items that made its debut during Anime Expo 2014: the Bravest Warriors print! Inspired by the animated series on Cartoon Hangover features the four heroes that make up the Bravest Warriors: Danny, Beth, Chris, and Wallow. If you haven’t checked out their YouTube channel yet, I highly recommend it! It was created by Pendleton Ward who you may know as the creator of the Cartoon Network hit series, Adventure Time. The show features the group tackling on problems head-on in the depths of space and helping out those in need. And there’s also Catbug, but more on him later.


This is a large print (11”x17” in size) that is now available for purchase over at Random Goods! There are also more Bravest Warriors items coming to the store so be on the lookout!

Anime Expo 2014 - THANK YOU!


A huge and heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by at my Artist Alley table during Anime Expo 2014 last weekend. It was great seeing my artist friends again and making new comrades. Looking past the whole line con deal for checking-in (servers crashing and whatnot) and the stress that came about beforehand, I had so much fun last weekend that I can safely say that this was my favorite AX yet.


Random Goods is slowly getting updated with new product images and new items that made their debut during AX. The items that sold out will be added on over the next few days. Commissions are also being worked on and will be mailed out by next week. If you have any questions about items, commissions, or anything store-related, feel free to email me at kupomatic[at]gmail[dot]com.


Next up on the convention list: San Diego Comic-Con! I will be attending as a Professional again and mingling with everyone of all fandoms (and more Line Con!). If you’ll be attending, I hope to see you there!